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Bismark Singh

PRC Graduate Student Trainee B.A., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Bismark has worked in very diverse environments since his first year at university- chemistry, quantum computing, membrane separations, operations research, world literature, sociology and cinema. Most of these were funded volunteer projects. He has been influenced highly by readings of West Churchman’s incorporations of ethical systems into Operations Research and Stafford Beer’s Project Cybersyn to model the Chilean economy. His goal is to work on optimization of human systems, resource allocations in controlled environments and centrally planned economies. It is the diversified usage of OR- defense, healthcare, sports to name a few- that make him seek to utilize OR in a non-conventional way.

Bismark has travelled expansively and worked at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi(where he completed his undergraduate degree in engineering – with extensive coursework and research in literature and sociology), The University of Nottingham(England), Perm State University, Russia and currently is a Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student in UT Austin’s Operations Research department.

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