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Jennifer Melvin

PRC Graduate Student Trainee M.A., University of Florida

PRC Graduate Student Trainee; NICHD Pre-doctoral Trainee 2014-2015
Jennifer Melvin



Jennifer is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research centers broadly on health, aging, and social demography. Specifically she is interested in the relationships between demographic, social, and economic factors as they pertain to the health of aging minority and immigrant groups.

Some of the core questions that drive her research are: How does race/ethnicity, nativity, and gender intersect to affect the health of older adults? What are some of the factors behind post immigration health status changes for older immigrants in the U.S.? Her current research examines the influence of race, nativity status, gender, and SES, on overall health, disability, as well as physical functioning differentials among older adults.

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