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Yujin Kim

PRC Graduate Student Trainee M.A., Korea University

PRC Graduate Student Trainee; PhD Candidate
Yujin Kim



Yujin Kim is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology and a Pre-doctoral Trainee at the Population Research Center. She is interested in how social institutions contribute to the social and race-ethnic inequalities in demographic phenomena. More specifically, her interests are race-ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in demographic phenomena including family and health and the social determinants of these inequalities including incarceration. These interests are well reflected in her dissertation by investigating the relationships between men's incarceration and racial differences in women's family formation behaviors, including non-marital births and marriage.

In the first chapter of her dissertation, by using a decomposition technique, she finds contraceptive use among single (but not cohabiting) women is the main determinant of race-ethnic differences in the non-marital fertility rate. This chapter also addresses potential explanations for race differences in contraceptive use, including social inequalities in employment and marital opportunities. In her second dissertation chapter, she uses fixed effects models with multiple sources of administrative data from the US census to the FBI and find that increases in black men's incarceration are positively related to black women's non-marital fertility rate at the county level. Lastly, in her third dissertation chapter, by using discrete time hazard models, she investigates the relationship between men's incarceration rates and women's transition to first marriage and non-marital childbearing at the individual level.

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