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French Workshop: Fun Uses for Technology in the French Classroom

Thu, June 13, 2013 • 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

French Language Workshop

In this seminar, we will provide a brief survey of various free online tools whose applications can liven up any French classroom, by encouraging fun uses of the target language to learn and review new vocabulary, explore different facets of French culture firsthand and interact in real-time with fellow French learners and native speakers from around the world.

Just some of the tools we will be discussing include Quizlet—a site for making class-specific electronic flashcards that students can use to review on their iphones and ipads, Popling—an installable widget that helps teach vocabulary by popping up on the screen and quizzing on words/concepts at programmed intervals, FLEvideo—an online database of short videos and accompanying comprehension questions compiled by French Language teachers in France and CLEAR, an interface by Michigan State that allows students to respond in real-time to pre-recorded questions uploaded by their instructors.

We will present the highlights and features of each application in the first half of the seminar, and encourage attendees to develop some of their own materials in the second half, using the tools they find to be the most applicable in their own French language classrooms. 

The class is free but registration is required. Parking is included at no charge and CPE credits are available.

Click here to register.

Sponsored by: Center for European Studies, Texas Language Center, COERLL, Dept of French & Italian

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