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The University of Texas at Austin
January 29-31, 2010

Sponsored jointly by the Flagship Zero to Two Project and the Texas Language Center

Conference Agenda

Click here for a pdf version of the conference agenda.
Dress: Business Casual or Uniform of the Day

Friday, 29 January, 2010

Focus: Meeting the Advanced Language and Acculturation Needs of Military-Track Students

—All today’s sessions will be held in Classroom 106 at the ATT Hotel and Conference Center. Breakfast will be held in the Carillion Restaurant and Lunch will be held in the Tejas Conference Dining Room, all at ATT.—

12:00  Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Dr. Richard Flores, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts, UT Austin
Dr. Esther Raizen, PI of the Flagship 0-2 Grant, Associate Dean for Special Projects, College of Liberal Arts; UT Austin
12:30  Buffett Lunch at Carillion Restaurant, ATT Center
1:30–2:15  “What Your Military (or Academic) Partners Need To Know”
Dr. Kathleen Evans-Romaine, Director, Critical Languages Institute; and Maj. Jim Barclay, Army ROTC; Arizona State University
As someone with a depth of experience in working with ROTC and military-track students undertaking critical and less commonly taught languages (LCTL), Dr. Evans-Romaine will present strategies for quickly assessing student needs and program challenges, (with a focus on bringing ROTC students into intensive study abroad programs for LCTL) and working with key stakeholders from all backgrounds. Maj. Barclay has an outstanding track-record of recruiting Army ROTC students to challenging Central Asian languages and will brief attendees on strategies for recruiting ROTC language candidates.
Differences in student motivation between ROTC and regular-track students will be discussed, along with implications for establishing sustainable, integrated vs. separate streams in the classroom and abroad.
2:15 Break
2:30-2:45  Defense Language Institute Overview
Dr. Christine Campbell, Associate Provost, Directorate of Language Science and Technology; Defense Language Institute
Dr. Campbell will provide a brief overview of The Defense Language Institute that will include updated information on the latest developments at the Institute.
2:45  Break
3:00–4:00  Student Profiles and Learning Objectives: DLI
Dr. John Lett, Dean, Research and Analysis; DLI
Topics will include demographics of typical students at DLI; an overview of the selection (admissions) process, including the role and methodology of aptitude testing and language screening; the role of motivation and choice in achieving advanced language learning outcomes.
4:00  Break
4:15–5:00  Hindi Urdu Flagship Program: Curriculum Development & Study Abroad
Dr. Herman Van Olphen, Director of the Hindi Urdu Flagship &
Dr. Sarah Green, Associate Director for Administration and Student Programs; UT Austin
Drs. Van Olphen and Green will describe the Hindi Urdu Flagship model and outline the curriculum development work the Flagship has in progress with the DLI, as well as Hindi Urdu Flagship experiences in creating a sustainable advanced language training study abroad program.
5:00  Break
5:15–6:15  Intensive Student Orientation: Language Study at the Student Learning Center at DLI
Dr. Leah Graham, Dean, Student Learning Center
This presentation will provide an overview of Introduction to Language Studies (ILS), the 5-day, 30-hour introduction to language learning at DLIFLC, which all students receive before beginning their target language studies. A discussion of the program, the curriculum, its methodological framework, and evaluation efforts will be provided.
6:30  Adjourn, travel time
7:00 Optional Dinner out at Clay Pit, Contemporary Indian Restaurant
The Restaurant is walking distance from the hotels; directions in your welcome packet.

Saturday, 30 January

Focus: What Works in Faculty and Instructor Development

—Today’s sessions will be held in the Eastwood’s Room at the Texas Union. Lunch will be in the Quadrangle Room, also at the Texas Union —

7:00–8:30  Breakfast at your leisure
•Breakfast vouchers included in welcome packet upon check-in
8:30  Meet in Hotel lobby to be escorted to today’s meeting sessions on-campus
8:45–9:45  DLI Faculty Focus: Profiles and Pre-Service Faculty Training
Ms. Deanna Tovar, Dean, European and Latin American Language School & Ms. Grazyna Dudney, Dean, Faculty Development; DLI
Faculty demographics, recruitment, and hiring practices will be discussed. An overview of Faculty Development, guiding principles of workshop design and delivery, as well as the four-week long pre-service teacher education program, will be provided.
9:45  Break
10:00–11:00  In-Service Faculty Training
Dr. Hyekyung Sung, Associate Dean for Operations, Faculty Development
Ms. Grazyna Dudney, Dean, Faculty Development
Ms. Claudia Bey, Academic Associate Dean, Faculty Development
This session will provide an overview of the in-service faculty development program at the DLIFLC. Aspects of foreign language teacher education, educational technology, leadership, and team building will be addressed. Additionally, the Visiting Scholar Program will be introduced.
11:00  Break
11:15–12:15  “Beyond Aptitude: From Innate Ability to Commitment to Language Learning”
Dr. Elaine Horwitz, Professor, Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education; UT Austin
12:15–12:45  Questions and Answers with West Point Military Academy and the Air Force Academy
12:45–2:00  Lunch in the Quadrangle Room (UNB 3.304), to the accompaniment of UT’s Bereket Ensemble
2:00–3:30  Dean's Panel on “Continuing Education: Examples from DLI”
• Team Teaching and Team Building
Dr. Clive Roberts, Dean, Asian Language School II (Korean)
• Technology Certification for Today's Teachers
Dr. Jack Franke, Dean, Emerging Language School (Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Kurmanji, and Uzbek)
• In-House Training
Dr. George El-Hage, Dean, Arabic School III
• Improving the Learning Environment
Dr. Shensheng Zhu, Dean, Multi-Language School (Farsi, Dari, Pashto, and Turkish)
• Role of Dept Chairs in Faculty Development
Ms. Deanna Tovar, Dean, European and Latin American Language School (Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Serbian-Croatian)
DLI Deans will discuss the on-going development activities in the many language schools where DLI faculty serve. Topics within this session, each presented by a different dean, will include team-building, use of technology, role of chairpersons, how school personnel can enhance student motivation, and the use of “training holidays” as short professional conference opportunities.
3:30  Break
3:45–4:45  Retaining Intermediate & Advanced Students: Arabic Flagship Program Success Stories
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Batal, Director of the Arabic Flagship Program &
Chelsea Sypher, Assistant Director of the Arabic Flagship Program; UT-Austin
Dr. Al-Batal will outline his Arabic teaching philosophy, specifically addressing pedagogy, curriculum, colloquial and MSA integration, faculty training and development, among other key points, Ms. Sypher will introduce us to the typical profile of an AFP student and address several exciting initiatives that have had positive effects on recruitment and retention, including: Arabic House community, the study abroad component, and the Flagship internship programs.
4:45–5:45  Discussion on “Defining Students’ Capacity for Success: Aptitude Screening and Student Motivation”
• Are critical languages exclusive by definition?
• Is aptitude screening predictive of students’ success? Is it feasible for academic institutions? What are the implications for students in the general population?
• What role does student motivation play in successful language learning? Is it equally important for students at all levels (e.g. lower vs. upperclassmen)?
Break into small groups till 5:15, and then return to large group to strategize
5:45  Break
6:00–7:00  “Institutional Support: Achieving Instructor Success through Mentoring”
Ms. Deanna Tovar, Dean of European and Latin American Language School; DLI
The presenter will describe the peer-mentoring program that is being implemented in the European and Latin American language School at DLI. The presentation includes mentoring program goals, mentor selection, and the roles and responsibilities of mentors. Participants will be asked to describe their experiences with mentoring.
7:00  Adjourn
7:15  Dinner in Salons A&B, ATT Center

Sunday, 31 January

—Today’s working brunch will take place in Conference Room 301, ATT Center—

7:00–10:30  Brunch with your Colleagues
This time is set aside for informal discussions on allied issues that become apparent throughout course of conference
10:30–12:00  Next Steps and Meeting Closure
Review commonalities, discuss venues for future cooperation if appropriate
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