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13th Annual Texas Foreign Language Education Conference (TexFLEC)

Februray 24-25, 2012

This year’s conference focuses on how language classrooms of the future may appear. Language classrooms are rapidly changing with the adoption of new technologies, increased globalization, budgetary constraints, and new research findings with regard to learner factors and identity issues. It is time for language educators and researchers to gather and discuss how these new developments present opportunities and challenges for language education, including:

  • K-16 and adult education in second language, foreign language, bilingual and heritage learning contexts

  • Hybrid classes and online learning

  • New instructional technology resources and tools  

  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing 

  • Current research into language learner factors such as autonomy, strategies, motivation, affect, etc. 

  • Globalization and its effect on language learning 

  • Teacher and learner identity 

  • Social and cultural contexts and language learning 

  • The effect of government policies and especially budgetary constraints on education 

  • Other topics related to the future of language education

Session Types:

  • 30 minute presentation: This can be a research-based or practice-oriented presentation.

    • The practice oriented presentation will consist of a 30 minute discussion or group-led modeling exercise of a teaching practice that applies current research to the classroom.

    • The research-based presentation will consist of a 20 minutes discussion by the presenter on new research followed by a 10 minute Q&A session with conference participants.

  • Poster presentation: Posters will be displayed during the lunch breaks and can be used to gain valuable feedback on theses, dissertations or research. This is a good format for shorter or beginning projects.

  • 60 minute symposium: Presenters from various perspectives prepare papers or commentary papers on specific research topics and formally present and discuss them. They might exchange papers in advance to facilitate their responses to each others’ positions. One 60 minute symposium is limited to seven panelists, including the chair.

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