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Profiles in Language Teaching at UT: Camilla Hsieh

Camilla Hsieh is a senior lecturer in the Chinese program within the Department of Asian Studies. She has over 20 years experience teaching first to third year Chinese language courses at UT. She takes special interest in fostering study abroad for Chinese language students, having served on the program’s study abroad scholarship committees, an international study abroad program evaluation committee, and currently serving as the Chinese language program’s liaison to the University’s international office.

Camilla Hsieh (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1995) has over 20 years experience teaching first to third year Chinese classes at UT. At the college level, Dr. Hsieh has found that students only rarely have cognitive difficulties learning.

interior1 Rather, the most common obstacles are emotional—a loss or other such challenge that is preoccupying the student. She takes pride in noticing and trying to give students a source of support in such situations. She also believes in building community in the classroom through theater, so one of her favorite classroom activities is group skits.interior2As does the Chinese program in general, Dr. Hsieh holds her students to high standards, including in their Chinese character writing, and to this end believes in giving students a lot of feedback on their work.interior3Overall, she tries to achieve an understanding by her students of the Chinese worldview as reflected in the language, a feeling for the way Chinese speakers organize the world. One of her favorite moments in a course is to look back at the end and review with the students how far they have come that semester. Dr. Hsieh is currently engaged in the development of a blended online course for second semester Chinese.

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