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Thomas J. Garza, Director 201 W 21st St, B7800 • HRH 4.196 78712-1053 • 512-471-6574

Mission Statement

The Texas Language Center supports, enhances, and promotes the teaching of languages other than English at the University of Texas at Austin. The Center helps

  • raise the profile of languages other than English taught at the University;
  • organize instruction of first- and second-year language courses throughout the University, in close coordination with language departments and programs;
  • prepare and train language teaching staff through Center courses, professional seminars, and coordination with home department courses;
  • promote professionalization of language teaching staff through funded research, training, and course development;
  • identify and develop “best practices” in language teaching across University programs and department through observation, empirical research, and assessed outcomes;
  • support language teaching, applied linguistics, and pedagogy through lecture series, workshops, demonstrations, and model classrooms;
  • encourage and support study abroad programs that offer well-defined and rigorous programs of language and culture instruction in accredited partner institutions;
  • conduct a program of community and educational outreach to encourage younger students to undertake the study of languages in our schools, and continue at the university level;


Faculty 2014 Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Award Announced

Congratulations to Ms. Laila Familiar, Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies!

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