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The Latest Language Matters Series Workshop Video Is Up!

Setting Higher Expectations with Dygo Tosa, Department of Classics

Posted: February 22, 2013

How can college-level language instructors meet the needs of incoming students in transitioning from high school to college language programs?

This presentation discusses bridging high school and college-level courses and explores in what ways instructors can promote student success. Three major topics will be covered. First, how do the recent revisions in the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams affect how students prepare for college? Second, what are major trends in secondary education that college-level instructors can make use of? Lastly, what are some concrete strategies to set higher expectations for our students? This presentation will draw upon experiences teaching Latin at an Austin-area high school and at UT as well as attending an AP Summer Institute, and will be made applicable to all languages.

Missed the workshop? Watch the video here. Also, follow along with the slides or pdf.

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