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Thomas J. Garza, Director 2505 University Ave, B7800 • BUR 572 78712-1053 • 512-471-6574

Dale A. Koike

Affiliated Professors Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Dale A. Koike


  • Phone: 232-4508
  • Office: BEN 3.108
  • Office Hours: T 10-12; Th 11-12 or by appointment
  • Campus Mail Code: B3700


Dale Koike is a Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics who specializes in the areas of Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, and Second Language Acquisition, particularly in the context of interaction. She has taught in Brazil and at the University of California at Santa Barbara and North Carolina State University before coming to the University of Texas at Austin. Her research centers on pragmatics as co-constructed in dialogue (1) between native speakers of Spanish or Portuguese, and (2) between adult language learners and native speakers, as well as heritage language learners. She is currently editing a volume on dialogue in communities of practice and also is the lead author for a language textbook.


Pragmatics in Native and Non-native Talk; Second and Third Language Acquisition; Interaction in SLA
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