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Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

Associate ProfessorPh.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez



Intersection of Oral History and Journalism; and U.S. Latinos and the News Media.



Dr. Rivas-Rodriguez has more than 17 years of daily news experience. As a professor, she has taught reporting, journalism history, oral history, covering the Latino community, and Latino policy issues.

Since 1999, Rivas-Rodriguez has spearheaded the Voces Oral History Project, which has collected interviews with over 670 men and women throughout the country. In 2009, the project expanded its scope into the Korean and Vietnam War periods.

She has also taught oral history as journalism as a Study Abroad class in Spain, focusing on the Spanish Civil War and the years of the Franco dictatorship.

Rivas-Rodriguez has been active since her college years in volunteer efforts to bring greater diversity to the news media. She was on the committee that organized and founded the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in 1982. She began two of the NAHJ's most successful student projects: a convention newspaper produced by college students and professionals and a nationwide high school writing contest. The convention newspaper has become the model for other industry organizations as a way to develop mentoring relationships and to train students.



MAS 374 • Cover Latino Commun In Us

36023 • Spring 2012
Meets MWF 1000am-1100am CMA A3.112
(also listed as WGS 340)

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MAS 374 • Covering Latino Commun In Us

35785 • Fall 2010
Meets TTH 1230pm-200pm BUR 228

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MAS 374 • Mass Media And Minorities-W

35960 • Spring 2010
Meets MWF 100pm-200pm BUR 134
(also listed as WGS 340, J 340C)

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MAS 374 • Covering Us Latino Community

36185 • Fall 2009
Meets TTH 930-1100 CMA A3.108
(also listed as J 395, J 349T)

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