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Richard Valencia



Intellectual & Academic Development of Racial/Ethnic Minority Children; Psychometric Evaluation of Intelligence & Achievement tests; & Teacher Testing & Prospective Minority Teachers.


MAS 374 • Chicano Educatnl Struggle-W

35965 • Spring 2010
Meets TTH 1100-1230pm SZB 416

EDP 362 (#10145)/MAS 374 (#35965)

Instructor:    Professor Richard R. Valencia    Assistant:    Araceli García
Office:    George I. Sánchez Bldg., 506K        Office:    WMB 5.112
Office Hours:    Tues., 12:30-2:30 p.m.         Office Hours:    Thur. 3:00-4:00 p.m.
Phone:    471-0378                                      Phone:     471-2140
E-mail:   E-mail:

Class Location: SZB 416        Class Time: Tues., & Thurs., 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Course Overview
The focus of “Chicano Educational Struggles” is on how the Chicano community (broadly defined) has sought to achieve educational equality and school success for its children.  Both historical and contemporary analyses will be examined.  Our coverage will be on those Mexican American individuals and organizations who sought to gain better educational conditions and outcomes.  Such struggles have occurred — and continue to occur — in the contexts of (a) litigation, (b) advocacy organizations, (c) individual activists, (d) political demonstrations, and (e) legislation.  Fifty percent of the lecture material will focus on litigation. A particular focus will be on Texas.
This class is a Substantial Writing Component course.  Students will submit three writing assignments, totaling 16 pages (about 4,000 words).   Each student will submit the following writing assignments: (a) an autobiographical sketch of his/her schooling experiences; (b) a reaction paper to a video documentary; (c) a book review.  Students will also take two midterm examinations. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the course, although “Mexican Americans in the Schooling Process” (EDP 362/MAS 374) is highly recommended.

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