Center of Mexican American Studies
Center of Mexican American Studies


The Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) at The University of Texas at Austin recognizes that our alumni are a special group. Alumni of CMAS are doing great things, and it is our hope they stay connected with CMAS so current students can see what can be achieved as our graduates change the world. CMAS is here to help facilitate alumni involvement with the Center, the College of Liberal Arts, or The University of Texas at Austin whether it is through volunteerism, attendance at activities and events or financial support.

Personal Information

Please keep CMAS informed when you move or your personal information changes. Contact Luis Guevara, (512) 475-6769 or, to update your personal information.

Announcements and Noticias

Keep up to date with the latest issue of the CMAS Announcements and Noticias de CMAS. Please send us information about activities and events that you want to share with the CMAS familia and please feel free to join us at an upcoming event!

Social Media

Become a fan of CMAS on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and look for more information about upcoming CMAS social media initiatives.