Program in Comparative Literature

Jeffrey Walker

ProfessorPh.D., 1985, University of California, Berkeley

Professor & Chair, Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Jeffrey Walker



rhetorical theory, history of rhetoric, ancient rhetoric, rhetoric and poetics, modern rhetoric and literature


Professor Jeffrey Walker studies classical and modern rhetorical theory; the history of rhetoric; the relationship between rhetoric and poetics from antiquity to modernity; and rhetorical pedagogy and the teaching of writing. His most recent work (as of 2009) has focused on rhetorical teaching and practice in Byzantium between the tenth and fifteenth centuries, and rhetorical education in antiquity. Professor Walker has been a Fulbright Lecturer (Greece, 1992) and an NEH Fellow (2007-08). His publications include two books, a textbook, and numerous articles and chapters. (As of this writing another book and textbook are forthcoming.)


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