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Leslie B Cohen

Professor EmeritusPh.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Leslie B Cohen


  • Phone: (512) 471-0189
  • Office: SEA 1.206 (B, BA)
  • Campus Mail Code: A8000


Cohen's primary research interests are in perception, memory, and cognition of infants. In general his research has been examining how infants process and use visual and auditory information in their environment. Most studies involve some variation of a habituation paradigm which Dr. Cohen revised for use in infant research. In this paradigm infants' looking times are recorded while they are repeatedly exposed either to a single stimulus or to multiple stimuli and are then tested with familiar versus novel stimuli. Most of the stimuli are actual events generated through sophisticated computer animation techniques or videotaped and then presented to the infants. Some of the specific research questions being investigated by Dr. Cohen are 1. How do infants come to understand concepts and categories? 2. What principles govern infants' early language? 3. How do infants process causal relations and other visual events? 4. At what age do infants perceive both the form and function of objects with which they interact?


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