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Aaron Rochlen

Associate FacultyPh. D.,



My research interests include men;s gender role socialization, help-seeking behaviors, and the lives of men in non-traditional work/family roles. Several studies within this area of research have addressed men's under-utilization of counseling services including the potential of alternative marketing approaches and counseling techniques for men. I also study men and depression and have interests in how accurately the current diagnostic criteria for depression captures men's experience with this common and costly illness. Recently, I have coordinated several projects on men in non-traditional career and family roles, including studies on male nurses, stay-at-home fathers, and elementary school teachers. Earlier in my career, I completed studies on dream interpretation, the use of technology and the internet within the practice of psychotherapy and career counseling.


Representative Publications

Rochlen, A. B., McKelley, R., & Pituch, K. (in press). A preliminary examination of the Real Men. Real Depression campaign. Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Rochlen, A. B., Whilde, M. R., & Hoyer, W. D. (in press).  Real Men. RealDepression: Overview, theoretical implications, and research considerations. Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Mallen, M. J., Vogel, D. L., Rochlen, A. B., & Day, S. X. (in press). The Practical Aspects of Online Counseling. The Counseling Psychologist.

Mallen, M. J., Vogel, D. L., Rochlen, A. B., Zack, J. S. (in press). Online Counseling Research. The Counseling Psychologist.

Liu, W. M., Rochlen, A. B., & Mohr, J. J. (in press). Real and Ideal Gender Role Conflict: Exploring Psychological Distress Among Men. Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

Rochlen, A. B. (in press). Introduction: Men in (and out) of therapy: New directions and remaining challenges. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Rochlen, A. B. & Hoyer, W. D. (in press). Marketing Mental Health to Men: Theoretical and practical considerations. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Rochlen, A. B., Rude, S. & Baron, A. (in press). The relationship of client stages of change to working alliance and outcome in short-term counseling. Journal of College Counseling.

Wong, Y. J. & Rochlen, A. B. (2005). Demystifying the inexpressive male: New directions and implications for counseling and research. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 6, 62-72.

Rochlen, A. B., Beretvas, S. N., & Zack, J. S. (2004). The on-line and face-to-face counseling attitudes scales: A validation study. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 37, 95-111.

Rochlen, A. B., & Mahalik, J. R. (2004). Women’s Perceptions of Male Partners’ Gender Role Conflict as a Predictor of  Psychological Well-Being and Relationship Satisfaction. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 5, 147-157.

Rochlen, A. B., Land, L. N., & Wong, Y. J. (2004). Male restrictive emotionality and evaluations of online versus face-to-face counseling. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 5, 190-200.

Rochlen, A. B., Milburn, L., & Hill, C. E. (2004).  Examining the process and outcome of career counseling for different types of career counseling clients. Journal of Career Development, 30, 263-275.

Kearney, L. K., Rochlen, A. B., & King, E. B. (2004). Male gender role conflict, sexual harassment tolerance, and the efficacy of a psychoeducative training program. Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 5, 71-82.

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