Dana L. Cloud

Associate FacultyPh.D., University of Iowa

Associate Professor



College: Communication

Home Department: Communication Studies

Education: PhD, University of Iowa

Research interests:The critique of therapeutic discourse; feminist and Marxist theories and politics; rhetoric of "family values"; rhetoric of the U.S. labor movement .

Courses taught:
CMS 390R Rhetoric: The Public/The Community

Recent Publications:

"The Matrix and Critical Theory's Desertion of the Real," Critical Cultural Communication Studies 3 (2006, in press).

"Fighting Words: Labor and the Limits of Communication at Staley, 1993 to 1996," Management Communication Quarterly 18 (2005): 509-542.

Book in progress: The Dilemmas of Dissidents: Democratic Unionists at Boeing, 1989-1999.

Artz, Lee, Dana Cloud and Steve Macek, Eds., Of Our Own Making: Marxism and Communication Studies (under contract, Peter Lang Publishers).


WGS 393 • Feminist Theory And Rhet Crit

48031 • Fall 2014
Meets T 330pm-630pm CMA 3.130

The purposes of this course are to survey modern variants of feminist theory, to extract the implicit attitudes in feminist theories toward and beliefs about the efficacy of rhetoric in the project of women’s liberation, and to read a variety of current feminist works whose primary objects of scrutiny are rhetorical. We undertake these tasks in order to enable you to read rhetorical texts from a feminist standpoint, to be specific about which feminism you are working with, to recognize implicit rhetorical theories in feminist (and other) discourses, and to determine which feminist approaches are appropriate to various kinds of texts. The course assumes a basic sympathy but welcomes critical engagement with the feminist goals of gender equity, self-­‐determination of women, and sex/gender freedom. We will also how these aims are complicated and challenged in the contexts of racism, nationalism, and class-­‐based exploitation.

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