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Lynn R Wilkinson

Core FacultyPh.D. Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Studies, College of Liberal Arts
Lynn R Wilkinson



Scandinavian and comparative literature; Scandinavian drama and film; modernism; the novel and narrative traditions; gender studies; literary and cultural theory



Scandinavian and comparative literature; Scandinavian drama and film; modernism; the novel and narrative traditions; gender studies; literary and cultural theory

Research Subject Headings: Gender, Language, Performance, Popular culture

Affiliated Research/Academic Units


WGS 340 • Women Filmmakers/N & Cent Euro

47805 • Fall 2014
Meets TTH 930am-1100am BUR 337
(also listed as C L 323, EUS 347, GSD 330)

This is an introduction to the work of five women filmmakers from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as to the viewing and interpretation of films in general.

ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADING: One two-page paper (5%); one five-page paper which may be rewritten (25%); one storyboard (10%) accompanied by a five-page essay (25%), and five quizzes (25%; you may drop the lowest grade). Class participation will count 10%.

REQUIRED TEXTS (for purchase and available on reserve at PCL):

Bordwell and Thompson: Film Art: An Introduction. 9th ed.; 6th ed. on reserve:

PN 1995 B617 2001

Braudy and Cohen: Film Theory and Criticism (FTC on syllabus), 6th ed. on reserve: PN1995 B617 2001

Hollinger: Feminist Film Studies.


Nordic National Cinemas. Ed. Soila et al. Routledge, 1998.

Hake: German National Cinema. 2nd ed. Routledge, 2007.

Matijs & Kumel: The Cinema of the Low Countries. Wallflower, 2004.

Hjort and Mackenzie: Purity and Provocation: Dogme 95. BFI 2008


Maj Zetterling: Loving Couples

The Girls

Margarethe von Trotta: The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

The Second Awakening of Christina Klages


Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

Hannah Arendt

Marlene Gorris: A Question of Silence

Antonia’s Line

Mrs. Dalloway

Lone Scherfig: Italian for Beginners

An Education

Susanne Bier: Like It Never Was Before

Open Hearts


Love Is All You Need

WGS 393 • Modernisms And Modernity

48065 • Fall 2014
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm BUR 232
(also listed as C L 381, GER 382M)

GER 382M or GER 386: Modernisms and Modernity, 1880-1925

MEETS WITH C L 381 , WGS 393.

This course offers an overview of approaches to European modernism, with a focus on major modernist texts in German, Scandinavian, and French literature.  It will be particularly useful to graduate students in Germanic Studies with an interest in modernism and early twentieth-century German literature and culture, Scandinavian literature and culture, cultural studies, or Comparative Literature.   We will focus especially on questions of literary and cultural interpretation across genres and across borders.  Other topics of emphasis will include representations of the city and the invention of the flâneur/flâneuse; genders and sexualities; feminisms; Walter Benjamin’s modernisms; transformations in the experience of time, technology, and memory; and language and the materiality of the work of art.


All texts will be available both in the original and in English translation, but students will be required to read the texts in their major area of study in the original.


Assignments and Grading:  two short presentations (10%); one final presentation (10%); one ten-page Forschungsbericht/research report (20%); abstract of final research paper (5%); final research paper (30%); class participation (25%)


Texts (available on reserve at PCL):

Hobsbawm:  The Age of Empire

McFarlane and Bradbury:  Modernism

Lewis, ed.:  The Cambridge Companion to European Modernism

Benjamin:  The Writer of Modern Life:  Essays on Baudelaire;  Selections from Das Passagen-Werk/The Arcades Project

Clark:  The Painting of Modern Life

Boym:  The Future of Nostalgia


Mann:  Der Tod in Venedig/Death in Venice, Buddenbrooks

Rilke:  Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge/The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge; Selections from Auguste Rodin,, Neue Gedichte, Sonette an Orpheus

Hofmannsthal:  “Ein Brief” (The Lord Chandos Letter); Der Schwierige/A Difficult Man

Freud:  Dora; Selections from Die Traumdeutung/The Interpretation of Dreams


Ibsen:  A Doll’s House, Ghosts, Enemy of the People, Hedda Gabler

Strindberg:  The Father, Miss Julie,  A Dream Play, The Ghost Sonata

Selected novellas by Scandinavian women writers


Baudelaire:  Selections from Les fleurs du mal/Flowers of Evil; Peintre de la vie moderne/Painter of Modern Life

Selected poems by Mallarmé, Verlaine, and Rimbaud

Rachilde:  Monsieur Vénus

Proust:  Du côté de chez Swann/Swann’s Way, Selections from Sodome et Gomorrhe/Sodom and Gomorrah and Le temps retrouvé/The Past Recaptured


WGS 340 • Arendt And De Beauvoir

47640 • Spring 2011
Meets TTH 930am-1100am GAR 0.128
(also listed as C L 323, E 322, EUS 347, GRC 323E)

Prerequisites: Upper-division standing.

Description: Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt: Intellectual Women/Women as Intellectuals --What does it mean to be a woman and an intellectual? This course focuses on major works by two women who helped define the field in the mid-twentieth century, the French writer Simone de Beauvoir and the German-Jewish-American Hannah Arendt.

We will consider their works from a variety of perspectives. To what extent are the preoccupations of these women intellectuals defined by gender? Do they define the relationship or relationships between public and private in ways that differ from many male writers? How do the lives shape the works? What kind of stories do they tell?

We will also consider the different contexts of the two writers, as well as some recent perspectives on the nature and origins of “intellectuals.”

Required Texts:

Simone de Beauvoir: She Came to Stay; The Second Sex (excerpts); The Blood of Others; Coming of Age; Mandarins; A Very Gentle Death.

Toril Moi: Simone de Beauvoir:  The Making of an Intellectual Woman.

Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition; Between Past and Future; On Revolution; Eichmann in Jerusalem; Men in Dark Times.

Requirements & Grading: Two three-page papers (20%), one final ten-page paper (50%), and one oral report (10%). Class participation will count 20%.

WGS 340 • Arendt And De Beauvoir-W

48385 • Spring 2010
Meets TTH 1100-1230pm RLM 6.112
(also listed as C L 323, E 322, EUS 347, GRC 323E)

See attachment.


“The Chamber Plays.”  Cambridge Companion to Strindberg.  Ed. Michael Robinson.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2009.  107-120.


“Playful Performances: Ingmar Bergman’s Bildmakarna and Film Authorship.”TijdSchrift voor Skandinavistiek 30:1 (2009): 269-304.

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Wilkinson, L.R. (2006, December) Review of Regions of Sorrow: Anxiety and Messianism in Hannah Arendt and W. H. Auden. Comparative Literature 58(1), 86-89.

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