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I am currently interested in taking students who are interested in the field of psychological assessment, forensic psychology, or professional issues in field of psychology. Those students who have an interest in applying aspects of social justice to these areas (i.e., women and minority issues; unfairness in the legal system; etc) are of particular interest to me. As a general rule, I am interested in mentoring students who are highly motivated to conduct research and publish, are self starters, and appreciate a sense of personal ownership in their projects. My ideal student would be one who is not daunted by the idea of taking the lead in developing their research ideas. You do not have to know everything there is to know about research, but you need to be able to do your own reading and educate yourself when you need to. Initiative is an excellent personality trait.

I am happy to answer emails to answer your questions, or even briefly speak to you by phone. In the past, I have been open to meeting prospective students prior to the scheduled interview date. However, I am doing less of this, as I believe it creates an unfair advantage against those who may not have the resources to travel multiple times to one program. I can arrange a time to meet if you would otherwise be unable to attend the formal interview day for the Counseling Psychology program at UT. Ultimately, I prefer email or phone for these initial contacts.


WGS 390 • Fndtn I: Intro Wom'S/Gend Stds

47235 • Fall 2010
Meets M 300pm-600pm CPE 2.212



Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of the graduate adviser.

One hour-long faculty colloquium a week to be arranged.

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