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Master's Program

AADS is now accepting applications for the terminal Master's Degree in African and African Diaspora Studies for the 2014-15 academic year.  For more information please contact Nicole Thompson Beavers, Graduate Program Coordinator at

Application process for the PhD program 2014-15 is now closed and will re-open September 2014.

The African and African Diaspora Studies graduate program is a full-time course of study for students seeking a terminal doctoral degree. The program includes an integrated Master of Arts degree that serves as the initial requirement towards receiving the Ph.D. Students entering the AADS program with a master's degree from another university are automatically admitted to the doctoral program.  Students entering the program with a bachelor’s degree must complete the conditions for the AADS M.A. including required coursework and a written project in the second year of study.

Master's Degree Coursework

The master's degree in African and African Diaspora Studies requires the successful completion of 36 credit hours:    

  • 3 hours: AFR 390 Black Studies Theory I
  • 3 hours: AFR 391 Black Studies Methods
  • 3 hours:  AFR 392 Black Studies Theory II
  • 3 hours:  Supporting Methods Course (taken outside of AADS in consultation with advisor)
  • 6 hours: AFR 397R and AFR 398R Master's report courses
  • 12 hours: AFR coursework
  • 6 hours: elective coursework

Master's Report

The Master's report consists of two thematically linked documents taken in two successive semesters.  This work should represent the interdisciplinary nature of Black Studies and demonstrate how the field has helped shape the student's theoretical and methodological development.

1) Literature Review (AFR 397R):  The literature review that responds to a research question approved by the student's advisor and should demonstrate a strong grasp of Black Studies literature and relevant theories.  The final 30 – 40 page document must be submitted by the end of the fall semester of the second year. 

2) Research Essay (AFR 398R):  Building upon the literature review and offering original thinking on the research area, students must subsequently produce an essay construed as a scholarly article with the intent of submission to a publication.  With the consent of the student's advisor, the student is responsible for selecting an appropriate academic journal and incorporating the publication requirements into the document.   The final culminating work constituting the master’s report includes the literature review, the research essay and accompanying back matter (if applicable).  The final report must be completed, approved and graded by the end of the spring semester of the second year.

Upon completion of the Master's report, the Graduate Studies Committee reviews each student's progress during the fourth semester of study, making one of the following recommendations: 1) proceed to doctoral degree requirements upon satisfactory completion of master's degree requirements; or 2) exit the program receiving an M.A.

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