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Current AADS Grad Student Resources

AADS Department Information

Student Handbook 2014-2015 (updated 10/20/14)

AADS Faculty Recommendations: Writing, Reading, Course Participation

Meeting Notes: 10/6/14 "AADS Grad Student Meeting"

Academic Planning

Degree Requirements and Plans (updated 10/20/14): MA, PhD without MA, PhD with MA

Course Lists By Semester (updated 02/10/15) Fall 2015: Outside Methods, Fall 2015: AADS Courses

MA Students: Master's Report Guidelines

PhD Students: Guidelines for Qualifying Exams


In the AADS Department: TAs GRAs

Editorial Assistantships

Guidelines for Summer Employment for Graduate Student Employees (.pdf)

Insurance and Benefits for Student Employees

Full and Part-Time Jobs For Students

Finding a Student Job with the University

Graduate Student Employment

Student Non-Academic Employment

Federal Tax Filing Support


Social Security & ITINS


Tuition Assistance

Financial Aid

Financial Requirements



Preparing for Applications

Graduation Procedures


International Students

Immunization & TB Requirements


Professional Development Funding Application

Handouts from 10/6/14: Funding Overview, Select Due Dates


Symposium Schedule

Public Defenses and Qualifying Exams

Research Resources

  • The Perry-Castaneda Library is the University's main research library. It embraces all subject fields, with the strongest holdings in the humanities, social sciences, business, and education. It is the nineth largest research library in the United States.
  • The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library is one of thirteen presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Record Administration. The Library houses forty-five million pages of historical documents which include papers from the entire public career of Lyndon Baines Johnson and also from those of close associates.
  • The Briscoe Center for American History is a history research center that collects, preserves, and makes available documentary and material culture evidence encompassing key themes in Texas and U.S. history.
  • The Tarlton Law Library is the fifth-largest academic law library in the U.S. and houses documents on state, U.S., foriegn, and international law.
  • The Black Queer Studies Collection (BQSC) is a virtual gathering of works now accessible through key word searches in the University of Texas catalog. Created through a unique collaboration between Professor Matt Richardson and the UT Libraries, the BQSC is the first of its kind and indicates the importance of critical library interventions as scholarly tools.

Self-Care Resources

Thesis Resources

Additional Resources

Writing Services & Reading/Writing Guidelines

The Sanger Learning & Career Center's Graduate Student Writing Service is the only all-inclusive graduate writing assistance available on campus. You may bring in a paper, thesis, dissertation, grant proposal - any writing project in any discipline - and get immediate feedback for improving your work. Click here to schedule a consultation.

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