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Edmund T. Gordon, Chair 2109 San Jacinto Blvd , Mailcode E3400, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4362

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Dr. Gordon

The University does not award honorary degrees, and these citations are designed to salute persons whose service exemplifies the values shared by the University community, who have brought great distinction to the University, and who have helped the institution to achieve its mission.  After an awards dinner and reception in the President’s office, the tower was lighted orange on Thursday night in honor of the honorees. 

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Africa Conference

In introducing Dr. Gordon, Dr. King Davis, Director of IUPRA, noted that Dr. Gordon “has provided exceptional administrative leadership, been political inventive, made collaboration an art form and found answers to complex racial, ethnic, and diasporic questions in a sea of difficulty and resistance that has historically marked southern ideas about the education of people of African descent.”  The following evening, Dr. Gordon addressed the conference participants during the Africa Conference Banquet where he discussed the historical legacy of racism at UT and the obstacles that Dr. Falola overcame to create a conference of this nature.  A highlight of the conference was a roundtable discussion on 6 April that brought several alums back to campus to discuss how their current work was shaped by their training in Black Studies at UT.  Dr. Jafari Allen (Assoc. Prof., Yale), Dr. Jaime Amparo Alves (Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn State)  Dr. Kia Lilly Caldwell(Assoc. Prof., UNC-CH), Dr. Courtney Morris (Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice), and Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry (Asst. Prof., Brown) examined how Black Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Activist Scholarship, and Diasporic Formulations deeply inform their work and reflect the principles fostered at UT.  Each of these professors are graduates of the Anthropology Diaspora Program that laid the foundation for the current graduate program in African and African Diaspora Studies.  The 2014 Africa Conference was an opportunity for everyone gathered to reflect on all that so many have accomplished at UT in the name of advancing the discipline of Black Studies.

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