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Honors Program

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The AADS Undergraduate Honors Program provides AFR majors who have a distinguished academic record the opportunity to conduct original research with an AADS faculty member over two semesters,  resulting in an honors thesis. The thesis should be on a specialized topic relevant to African and African Diaspora Studies and is expected to be 60 to 80 pages in length. Students are encouraged to seek out professors with whom they have already worked.

Completing AFR honors can be a good choice for motivated students interested in going on to graduate or law school, or other research-based fields, since it is an intensive project that helps develop critical reading, writing, and thinking in a topic in Black Studies. Honors students will be enrolled in two semesters of independent course work. The first, AFR 679HA, is a guided reading course, and the second, AFR 679HB, is a guided writing course. Students work closely with their faculty mentor in both of these courses.

African and African Diaspora Studies Honors Program

Majors who plan to seek special honors in African and African Diaspora Studies should apply to the undergrad advisor, Lexi Losch (, for admission to the honors program no later than two semesters before they expect to graduate. The student will need to identify an honors faculty advisor and, with that faculty member's help, fill out an honors study form by the 4th class day of the semester. This form should be turned into the undergrad advisor and is necessary to be enrolled in the AFR 679H courses each semester.

A University grade point average of at least 3.00 is required for admission. The requirements for graduation with special honors are

  1. African and African Diaspora Studies 679H, Honors Tutorial Course, with a grade of at least B in each half
  2. A University grade point average of at least 3.00 and a grade point average of at least 3.50 in the coursework required for the major and for honors
  3. Completion in residence at the University of at least sixty semester hours of coursework counted toward the degree

Honors Application

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