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Fall 2009

AMS 391 • Alternative Press

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
30035 MW
12:30 PM-2:00 PM
CMA A4.316
De Uriarte

Course Description

This cross-listed, interdisciplinary survey course for graduate and undergraduate students, explores the journalistic, sociological and historical role of the alternative press. It also provides students with skills and the opportunity to produce InCiteĀ—a web publication driven by intellectual diversity in the tradition of The Nation, In These Times, Progressive, Mother Jones and other similar publications.

Historically, the alternative press leads the mainstream press by six months to a year or more in covering critical information that a self governing population should know. In the case of the link between cancer and cigarette smoking, it led by forty years, cocaine and Contra, by a decade. George Seldes, often considered a father of the alternative press, left mainstream journalism to found In Fact, which anchored his work in investigative reporting using public documents as his primary source. Years later he trained I.F. Stone to do likewise. Victor Navasky whoworked for many years as the editor and publisher of The Nation, followed that tradition in that magazine, established in 1865 and the longest continuously publishing periodical. In These Times, Mother Jones, Progressive and many others (see list in Library website index) were established later.


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