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Steven Hoelscher, Chair Burdine 437, Mailcode B7100, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-7277

Fall 2005

AMS 370 • Immigrants, Amusements, and Consumer Culture-W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
28120 MW
3:00 PM-4:30 PM
PAR 103

Course Description

The spread and growth of consumer capitalism has coincided with the migration and integration of immigrants into American society. As immigrant lives became transformed by commercial culture, they also actively sustained it. This course will examine the rise of consumer culture in American society and trace its developments and current manifestations as a global force in the world. We will investigate the roles immigrants played in the making and re-making of commercial culture. We will attempt to answer questions such as: What do Americans do when they are not working? How do immigrants engage with and partake in Americas entertainment and leisure industries? How do people construct identity around consumption and material accumulation? Exploring various sites of consumer culture such as the early nickelodeons, movies, amusement and national parks, and more contemporary consumer activities such as karaoke, cyberspace, video gaming, and shopping, we will consider how consumer culture and participation in leisure defines American life.


Adapting to Abundance, Andrew Heintz Celebrating the Family, Elizabeth Pleck Purchasing Power, Elizabeth Chin A Consumers Republic, Lizbeth Cohen Latinos, Inc., Arlene Davila Course Reader


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