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Brendan C Gaughen

Doctoral Student
Brendan C Gaughen



Brendan Gaughen is originally from southern California. He received a B.A. in communications/media studies in 2003 from Azusa Pacific University, and an M.A. in American studies in 2009 from Cal State Fullerton, after which he moved to Austin to join UT's American studies PhD program.

He was an assistant instructor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing for three years and has spent a total of fourteen semesters working as a writing tutor, eight of those exclusively with student athletes. Before that he was a security guard at an art museum and prior to that worked as an office manager (and occasional long-distance driver) for a vehicle relocation company.

Brendan is working on a dissertation that examines the relationships between place, mobility, and technology, drawing together a number of seemingly disparate things such as a club for people who attempt to visit every county in the United States, graffiti and street art, historic highway travelers, amateur radio, GPS technology, and ankle-worn punitive monitoring devices.



"Innovation, Imitation, and the Continued Importance of Vintage Video Games." Reconstruction Vol. 14, No. 1 (2014).


practices of leisure and collecting, material culture, mass/popular/trash culture, space/place/landscape, road culture/transportation/mobility, vintage video games, digital humanities, nostalgia


"Making a Mark: Graffiti Art and Identity from Lascaux to Los Angeles" (American Papers, CSUF, 2007)

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