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Joshua Kopin

Masters Student
Joshua Kopin



Joshua Abraham Kopin is an MA student in American Studies who was born in Chicago and never got over it. In 2012, he received his BA in History and American Studies from Bard College, where his senior project "CHRIST COMES TO CHICAGO!: Billy Sunday In The Windy City, Spring 1918" won the Edmund Morgan Prize for best senior project in American Studies.

Josh came to Austin in 2013 after spending a year working for the Bard College Learning Commons, working as the tutor coordinator. His work is in part a continuation of what he was doing at Bard, but he has largely moved into comics studies. He's currently toiling away at an MA report on the football gag in Charles Schulz's Peanuts.

Josh has continued his work as a writing tutor, and is the editorial assistant for the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College and a contributor to the AMS department blog and twitter account. He also writes about comics on the internet.



20th century cultural history, comics studies, affect studies, popular cultural studies, American religious history, political art, historiography, fame, men's style, writing pedagogy
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