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At The University


  • H-Net Teaching
    H-Net Teaching. This site is intended to serve as a gateway to H-Net's extensive collection of teaching resources including teaching focused discussion networks, H-Net regional teaching centers, syllabi, links, conference papers on multimedia teaching, and web-based teaching projects.
  • Index of dynamic Syllabi
    The Index to Dynamic Syllabi provides a topical list of links to online courses in American Studies. These websites serve as online platforms upon which to stage, manage, and enhance a course and can include electronic resources, instructors' notes, exercises and assignments, course projects, virtual exhibitions, links between course readings and Web resources, rich multimedia resources and students' projects.

Teaching Oriented Sites

  • Edsitement
    The purpose of EDSITEment is to offer a gateway for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality material on the Internet in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies. All sites linked to EDSITEment have been reviewed for content, design, and likely impact in the classroom.
  • Do History
    Site that shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that have survived.
  • Harp Week
    Educational Tools for Learning About the 19th Century World.
  • Teaching The Journal of American History
    Teaching the JAH uses online tools to bridge the gap between the latest scholarly research in U.S. history and the practice of classroom teaching. JAH authors demonstrate how featured articles might be taught in a U.S. history survey course.
  • EyeWitness to History
    Illuminating the past through personal narratives and other first-hand sources, EyeWitness is presented by Ibis Communications, Inc. a digital publisher of educational programming.
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