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Derrick Washington

PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

" My life is my message -Mahatma Gandhi "


Derricks Leon Washington completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California at Los Angeles and is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at U.T. Austin.  A fellow at the Smithsonian Center of Folklore and Cultural Heritage, his work focuses on migration, diaspora, identity, and dance.  Additionally, he was the former executive director at El Fogon Center for the Arts in NYC where he helped curate live Latino, Afro-Latino, and Caribbean music, dance/movement, poetry, and visual art expositions. As an anthropologist/educator, he worked at the New-York Historical Society (the oldest museum in New York and the second oldest in the US) and has appeared on News 12 the Bronx, Bronx free press, Mott haven Times, and BX 360 magazine.



Dance and Performance Studies, the virtual public sphere, diaspora and migration in the U.S. and the Caribbean, Cuban and Latin American Studies, cultural heritage preservation, street and social dance in the Western Hemisphere
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