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Gwendolyn Ferreti

PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin


Gwendolyn Ferreti is a social anthropologist working on issues of immigration, race, gender, social movements and the state. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin and a Visiting Scholar at the American Studies Department of the University of Alabama.

Her ethnographic research follows the development and implementation of Alabama's HB 56, an anti-immigrant, Arizona copycat law that promotes "self-deportation" and the Latino immigrant community's response. She is  currently in the process of writing her dissertation: “God Bless ‘Em, But They’re a Burden: Latino Immigrant Community Formation, Resistance and State Regulation in the Deep South.”

[Research Area: US Deep South]


Latin@ Studies, Immigration Studies, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Studies, Critical Race Theory and Racial Formation, Social Reproduction, Governmentality, Anthropology of the State, Anthropology of Public Policy, Feminist Theories, Community Studies, U.S. Southern Studies
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