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Anthony Di Fiore, Chair SAC 4.102, Mailcode C3200 78712 • 512-471-4206

Deanna Riddick


M.A. Anthropology, PhD Candidate



Maya Archaeology, Indigeneous Archaeology, Complex Socities, Gender and Sexuality, Household Archaeology, Heritage Management, Material Culture Studies

ANT F304 • Intro Ary Stds I: Prehist Ary

81855 • Summer 2013
Meets MTWTHF 1130am-100pm SAC 4.174
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The discipline of Archaeology involves the study of past societies, their practices and behaviors

as deduced by the analysis and interpretation of their material remains. This course will provide

an introductory exploration of archaeological theory, method and practice. We will begin with an

introduction of the roots of the discipline and trace its trajectory to its current state. This course

will review proper archaeological methodologies and techniques that are necessary to excavate a

site. We will examine archaeological theoretical conceptions of cultural complexity by studying

hunter-gatherer societies, as well as tribes, chiefdoms, and state societies. This class is also

designed to provide a brief overview of various critical components of archaeology, such as

Bioarchaeology, NAGPRA, and ethics.

ANT S304 • Intro Ary Stds I: Prehist Ary

82130 • Summer 2012
Meets MTWTHF 830am-1000am SAC 4.174
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An introduction to archaeology as a discipline.  Three major themes that deal with issues of the past will be covered:

1.  A brief history of the discipline, changing theories about various aspects of the past, and the role that the reconstructions of the past play in national and/or group identities.

2.  A survey of the development of human culture from its beginnings to the rise of civilizations and proto-historical cultures in most areas of the world.  Prehistoric cultures, archaeological sites, and areas of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe , and the Pacific will be covered.

3.  Archaeological methods of recovery of information about the past.  Scientific procedures involved in excavation, dating, and preservation of the material record.

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