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Fall 2006

ANT 391 • Women and Indigenous Rights in Mexico

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
30720 TH
12:30 PM-3:30 PM
SRH 1.313

Course Description

This course examines the recent history and current state of women's rights and indigenous rights in Mexico. It will explore questions such as the following: In what ways does the gendered and racialized nature of the state and the nation affect how such rights can be enacted and enjoyed by different sectors of society? In what ways do womens rights and indigenous rights occupy common ground, and in what ways might they diverge in theory and practice? What is the relationship of rights policies and rights struggles to neoliberal globalization and state-sponsored multiculturalism? Collaboratively taught with Mexican scholars Dr. Aida Hernandez and Dr. Teresa Sierra, both experts on issues of gender and indigenous rights, the course will provide an opportunity to engage with the literature and with current debates taking place in Mexico today.

This course is part of the Mexican Seminar series sponsored by the Mexican Center and the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at UT. It has a unique structure that brings in two visiting professors to teach two-week segments of the course. The coursework will take place intensively during those four weeks, which will be scheduled close to mid-semester. There will be an introductory and a concluding week, meaning that coursework is concentrated in a six-week period of the semester. Students considering the course should carefully evaluate the benefits and the challenges this schedule will entail. All students considering registering for the course are strongly advised to communicate with the course instructor prior to registering. Spanish is required.


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