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Anthony Di Fiore, Chair SAC 4.102, Mailcode C3200 78712 • 512-471-4206

Spring 2007

ANT 394M • The Ordinary

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
30230 M
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
EPS 1.128

Course Description

This course approaches the "ordinary" through questions of realism and other genres of groping toward the real, the time and space of the everyday, the problem of recognizing or describing an event, modes of attention or distraction and modes of attachment, the problem of literally making sense, questions of practice and performance, forms of crisis and routine, the question of how emergent systems like globalization take place in the ordinary, and the problem of dreams, daydreams, forms of agency, and desire. We will take the ordinary to be a realm in itself and one that is both generative and viral.

Readings will include a course pack of articles as well as selections from the required books listed below. The course pack is available through Abel's Copies, 472-5353, 715-D West 23rd St, Books: D.J. Waldie. Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir. Thomas de Zengotita. Mediated. David Shields. Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA season. Kathleen Stewart. Ordinary Affects (on black board). Colson Whitehead. The Intuitionist William Gibson. Pattern Recognition. Articles Eve Sedgwick, Paranoid Reading and "Pedagogy of Buddhism"; Lefevbre, from Rhythmanalysis (as optional background, Intro to Critique of Everyday Life) Auge, Non-Places, Thrift, "But Malice Aforethought: Cities and the Natural History of Hatred" Skeggs, from Class Culture and Self and Exchange, Value and Affect" Cavell, The Uncanniness of the Ordinary, Something out of the Ordinary Barthes "The Third Meaning" "The Reality Effect" Salecl, On Anxiety Zizek, from Welcome to the Desert of the Real Taussig, "The Nervous System" Taussig, Tactility and Distraction Hardt and Negri Empire, part 1, Intermezzo, part 4 Joao Biehl "The Poetics of Abandonment" Stephen Collier, Andrew Lakoff and Paul Rabinow. Bioscurity Anthropology Today 20:5, Oct 2004. Gladwell, Malcolm. The Picture Problem December 13, 2004. The New Yorker. Flanagan, Caitlin. The Price of Paradise Jan 13, 2005. The New Yorker. Gladwell, Malcolm. Getting Over It November 8, 2004. The New Yorker. Thurman, Judith. Roots March 15, 2004. The New Yorker. Orlean, Susan. The Outsiders July 25, 2004. The New Yorker. Orlean, Susan. Little Wing: when homing pigeons leave home Feb 13 & 20, 2006. The New Yorker. Bilger, Berkhard. Nerd Camp July 25, 2004. The New Yorker. Gary, Romain 1970. White Dog. (selection) Barbara Ehrenreich. Nickel and Dimed. (selection). Negri on Multitude Serematakis from The Senses Still H. Shaw, Narrating Reality Eagleton, "Capitalism and Form Agamben and Hardt. The Coming Community


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