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Anthony Di Fiore, Chair SAC 4.102, Mailcode C3200 78712 • 512-471-4206

Summer 2009

ANT 324L • Iberian Prehistory and History-Portugal

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Course Description

The course introduces students to the prehistory of Iberia and to the historic development of the nation-states of Portugal and Spain. The course provides an overview of the archaeology of Iberia through the Neolithic but it is organized to focus particularly on the period between the Bronze Age and the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the northwest of Portugal and Spain. Lectures will be integrated with visits to archaeological sites, museums and with hands-on field and laboratory work.

Course Number May Be Repeated For Credit When The Topics Vary. Some Topics Partially Fulfill Legislative Requirement For American History; These Are Identified In The Course Schedule. Prerequisite: Varies With The Topic And Is Given In The Course Schedule. Taught In Portugal. Study Abroad. Class Meets May 29-July 12.

Grading Policy

• Three short papers (3-5 pages) on assigned archaeological museum pieces: 30 points • Individual presentation on an assigned archaeological site: 20 points • Assigned laboratory projects: 30 points • Short but comprehensive summary of the archaeology of northwest Iberia: 20


Text books: The History of Portugal James M. Anderson, 2000 The Origins of Complex Societies in Late Prehistoric Iberia, ed. Katina Lillios, 1995 The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, Colin McEvedy (most recent edition). A Reader The Reader will include book extracts and articles available in the English language and relevant to the course. The majority of the material will be synthesized and translated from Portuguese, Galician, Castilian and French sources.


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