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Anthony Di Fiore, Chair SAC 4.102, Mailcode C3200 78712 • 512-471-4206

Fall 2004

ANT 392N • Intro to Grad Linguistic Anthropology

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
28610 TTh
3:30 PM-5:00 PM
EPS 1.128

Course Description

This is the anthropology graduate core course in linguistic anthropology. It consists of lectures and class discussions introducing the major subareas of linguistic anthropology (the study of language in relation to culture and society). Topics to be dealt with include: types of linguistic structure, the description and analysis of unwritten languages, the analysis of discourse, semantics, social organization and language use, the acquisition of communicative competence, speech play and verbal art, the ethnography of speaking, language change and language history, language and speech in contemporary society.


O’Grady, M. Dubrovolsky, M. Aronoff, CONTEMPORARY LINGUISTICS A reading packet


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