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Anthony Di Fiore, Chair SAC 4.102, Mailcode C3200 78712 • 512-471-4206

Claud A. Bramblett

Professor Emeritus Ph.D., Berkeley

Claud A. Bramblett




Research interests:
1. Continued study of the behavioral biology of Guenons and baboons in
2. Linear models for behavior changes and social structure in
Cercopithecus and
3. CAI software development for Physical
4. Heritability of behavior in Guenons and baboons
Socioecology of Cebus, Ateles, Saimiri, and Alouatta

Courses taught: Undergraduate Courses: ANT 301. Introduction to Physical Anthropology; ANT 301
Introduction to Physical Anthropology. Distance Education Center; ANT 323K.
Primate Behavior; ANT 350M. Evolution of Human Behavior; ANT 359H. Honors
Seminar; ANT 366. Anatomy and Biology of the Human Skeleton

Graduate Courses:
ANT 388. Topics in Physical Anthropology
ANT 391L. Topics in Research Methods in Physical Anthropology: Topic 3: Analysis
of Skeletal Samples; Topic 4: Field Methods in Primatology; Topic 5: Analysis of
Primate Behavior
ANT 392L. Introduction to Graduate Physical Anthropology.Core course.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.


Physical anthropology, primatology; East Africa
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