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Degree Requirements

Anthropology is a major in the College of Liberal Arts and is part of the Bachelor of Arts degree plan (Plan I). The Undergraduate Catalog outlines the program of work.

BA Anthropology, 2012-2014 Catalog
(expires August 2020)

BA Anthropology, 2010-2012 Catalog
(expires August 2018)

BA Anthropology, 2008-2010 Catalog
(expires August 2016)

BA Anthropology, 2006-2008 Catalog
(expires August 2014)

In general, catalog eligibility is based on a student’s first semester enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin. Some students may be eligible for a different catalog. The Undergraduate Advisor can help students understand their catalog options.

Major Requirements

Currently, the requirements for the Anthropology major are the same across all active catalogs. In other words, some Core and Liberal Arts requirements have changed, but the Anthropology coursework that is required has not.

The Anthropology major consists of 30 hours (including 18 hours upper-division and 18 hours in residence) as follows:

  • ANT 301 Physical Anthropology
  • ANT 304 Introduction to Archaeological Studies I: Prehistoric Archaeology
  • ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology, ANT 305 Expressive Culture, OR ANT 307 Culture and Communication
  • 3 hours upper-division Anthropology coursework in each of the following areas*:
  • Theory
  • Methods
  • Culture/Geographic Area
  • 12 additional hours Anthropology, including 9 hours upper-division

*Courses that fulfill the Theory, Methods, and Culture/Geographic Area requirements are announced during each registration period.

Minor Requirements

All Anthropology majors are required to declare a minor. The minor consists of 12 hours (including 6 hours upper-division and 6 hours in residence) in any one other field of study at the University.
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