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Cadets Conduct Primary Marksmanship Instruction

Posted: February 12, 2007

The first station included teaching cadets basic rifle safety, weapons handling, and range protocol. Cadets were able to handle the M16 in a “friendly” environment where they could become comfortable with operating and carrying the weapon. Station 1 was taught by MS II instructors C/SGT Jones and C/SGT Martin. Station 2 taught cadets the fundamentals of firing the M16. Instructors, Staff Sergeant Conner (Army Recruiter) and C/1SG Robinson, taught the cadets how to take a good firing position, aim the rifle, acquire targets, and successfully hit targets.

The final station allowed cadets to use their newly acquired skills from the other stations. Under the expert supervision of SFC Gamboa, cadets fired laser equipped M-16s at electronic targets in order to ensure that their breathing and trigger squeeze does not affect the accuracy of their shot. Several of the electronic targets were connected to a computer program that allowed cadets to see where on the target they tended to hit.

Overall, the lab was a complete success. The cadets in attendance received realistic and modern training that will greatly enhance their ability to successfully qualify on the with the M16 rifle. Next up, the Winter FTX!

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