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Winter FTX: Part II

Posted: February 16, 2007

Following the WST, the cadets traveled to the maneuver area of Ft. Hood and linked up with elements of 1st Squadron (Tiger Squadron), 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment for a hands-on familiarization with the M1A2 Abram. Cadets were briefed on the specification and capabilities of the Abrams, along with how armor lieutenants employ the Abrams in the current operational environment. Like the helicopter familiarization the day before, cadets were able to climb in and on the vehicles and ask any questions regarding the tanks.

While the MS Is and IIs were training to lead convoys and playing on tanks, the MS III and IV cadets were at the rifle range zeroing rifles, training in basic rifle marksmanship, and qualifying with the M16A2 assault rifle. The marksmanship training consisted of a shooting table in which each target on the range was raised several times, in a specific and known order, allowing cadets to train themselves on how to accurately engage targets of varying range. Using skills learned at lab the previous week, all the MS IIIs and IVs were able to successfully zero their rifles and most qualified by hitting 23 or more out of 40 targets. The high score on the qualification portion was a 33/40 by C/CPT Brandon Bradford. Upon completion of their tank familiarization, the MS I and II cadets linked up with the rest of the battalion at the range and proceeded to fire the marksmanship training table. All in all, the Winter FTX was a resounding success with 60 cadets receiving valuable leadership and technical training. Please follow the link on this page to read an article published by the Ft. Hood Sentinal about the Winter FTX.

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