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APFT is Coming Up!

The Army Physical Fitness Test Measures Readiness

Posted: February 8, 2010

The Longhorn Battalion's APFT will be held Wednesday morning at Mike Myers Stadium. Cadets are sure to come wearing their game face. In the U.S. Army physical fitness serves as a testament to a Soldier's combat readiness and an Officer's ability to lead. Soldiers and Cadets alike acknowledge that every ounce of sweat poured onto the PT field is well worth the investment in future success on the battlefield. Local units from the Texas Army National Guard support the UT Longhorn Battalion by providing Non-Commissioned Officers with experience to objectively grade and evaluate individuals performance throughout the APFT. For newcomers, the first APFT can be an eye opening experience, both in terms of where they are physically and where they too will soon be. Army Strong is achieved one PT session at a time. If you believe you're up to the challenge, contact CPT Neveau at 512-232-5397. Individuals scoring over a 300 in their age group will recieve a complimentary gift certificate to IHOP. 

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