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Military Ball

An Evening With The Longhorn Battalion

Posted: May 5, 2010
MS IV class pose for one last picture together as a class

MS IV class pose for one last picture together as a class

With many friends, family and special guests in attendance, the University of Texas Army ROTC (UTAROTC) program celebrated the completion of the 2009-2010 year with their annual Military Ball.  The military ball, this year held in the Texas Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency, is typically one of the last organized events for the program, and serves as an opportunity for the cadets to come together and reflect on the training, leadership development, and lessons learned throughout the year in a very enjoyable setting.

However, the ball is still quite formal and pays respect to a few Army customs, courtesies and time-honored traditions.  For example, the evening begins with the cadets meeting and introducing their guests to the members of the “receiving line,” typically the commander of the unit, and any honored guests.  This year, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Robinson, the professor of military science, was joined by Cadet Captain Weston Payne, the cadet company commander, and also the honored guest of the evening, Brigadier General Rudesheim. Once everyone is through the receiving line, a special detail of the UT Color Guard marches forward to form the traditional arch of sabers that the senior cadets walk through, which is seen by many as a rite of passage.     

The guest speaker for the evening, General Frederick Rudesheim, is actually an alumnus of the UTAROTC program.  He is currently serving as the 1st Calvary Division Deputy Commanding General for Support at Fort Hood. General Rudesheim graduated from the University of Texas in 1981 and commissioned as an infantry officer.  Some of his notable assignments include Brigade Commander of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division at Fort. Hood and Battalion commander of 1st Battalion, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Joint Staff at the Pentagon, Senior Task For Trainer at the National Training Center, and the Senior Mission Commander for III Corps and Fort Hood.

His message for the cadets that evening was actually quite simple – “Do the right thing.”  While perhaps a seemingly plain and simple axiom, he went on to explain many situations throughout his career where it would have been faster or more convenient to do things the easy way.  There were times when many of those around him, from staff officers to senior noncommissioned officers, would advise him to or request that he do things a certain way, but his conscience knew the right answer.  These are situations that he assured the cadets they would all find themselves in at some point during the next few years, and urged them all to simply remember to “do the right thing.”

Overall, the evening was a huge success and many of the cadets seemed to enjoy themselves.  Cadet Niall Kelly, an MS-II in the program and currently the Longhorn Battalion Cadet of the Year, said of the ball “it’s really great to be able to bring our dates to an event like this and show them a little bit of what we do and introduce them to our fellow cadets.”    

As the last gathering of the 2009-2010 AROTC program, LTC Robinson also took the opportunity to announce the chain of command for next year.  The command team for the Fall semester, 2010 is: Cadet Krupsky - Company Commander, Cadet Gogel – Executive Officer, Cadet Doblar – 1st Platoon Leader, Cadet Standeifer – 2nd Platoon Leader; Cadet Smith – 3rd Platoon leader and Cadet Dolzal – Company First Sergeant.

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