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Department of Defense Study Abroad

Posted: August 28, 2013
Cadets Romasko, Walker, and Brown on Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow overlooking the Kremlin.

Cadets Romasko, Walker, and Brown on Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow overlooking the Kremlin.

Texas Army ROTC had 6 cadets study abroad through various departments at UT. Cadet Megan Wenning studied Spanish in Argentina for 6 weeks during an independent intensive language program. Cadets Krishan Gupta, Adam Frye, Quinn Romasko, Jake Walker, and Austin Brown also studied abroad in a Department of Defense sponsored program called Project Global Officer. Project GO ( is an initiative aimed at improving the language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Cadets Gupta and Frye studied Arabic in Meknes, Morocco. Cadets Romasko, Walker, and Brown studied Russian in Moscow, Russia. Read cadet Romasko’s experience below:

"The past 8 weeks in Russia was the best experience of my life. When I arrived at my host family, the dog and cat literally understood Russian better than I did, and I frequently frustrated the 4 year old with the pace of our conversation. I accidentally said many strange things to my babushka including, "I found a dead grandma in my underwear." I also misinterpreted things leading to Austin's [Texas Army cadet] and my accidental (I swear) participation to help an erotic dance class as they needed to dance on males as a practical exercise. By the end of just 8 weeks, my vocabulary exploded and I had basic conversational skills. More importantly, in my opinion, I learned cultural differences between people and countries which was often hilarious.

Every day was an adventure and a challenge to appear more and more like a local. There were so many stories from each day, I filled somewhere between 25-30 pages in a journal in Word. I toured museums of history, war, and art, a movie studio, and attended the Rugby World Cup. I ate food native to Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and others. I experienced the deterioration of American and Russian relations during the Snowden affair and Russia's largest military exercise since the Cold War-in preparation of a hypothetical Japanese-American attack. I was dragged into many conversations with Russians about this. I learned a great deal from a retired Foreign Area Officer in charge of cadets in Moscow. Even more, I was paid to experience this. I wish I had more room to talk about experience, but at the very least I highly recommend cadets take advantage of this opportunity for themselves" -Romasko

Interested in Project GO?

See information about the national initiative here:
Languages available at UT for Project GO are Russian, Arabic, and Turkish. Find more info here:

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