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I'm enlisted in the Army

  • Green to Gold Scholarship Options

    • Soldiers with two years of college remaining to complete their degree are considered for two-year scholarships. Active Duty Option or 2 year scholarship.

    • Soldiers with three years of college remaining to complete their degree are considered for three-year scholarships

    • Soldiers without college credit who require four years to complete their degree are considered for four-year scholarships.

  • Requirements

    • U.S. Citizen (non-waiver able)

    • Age - Be under 31 years of age on 31 December of the year you complete all requirements for a commission and a college baccalaureate degree. This is a statutory requirement and there are no waivers authorized.

    • Cannot have been convicted of a Domestic Violence Crime

    • Have a minimum of 2 years Active Duty as well as 3 months of Active Duty for every one month of specialized training (waiver can be requested)

    • GT score of 110 or greater

    • Pass the APFT within the last 6 months with score of 180 or higher, minimum of 60 points in each event

    • Be a High School Graduate or equivalent

    • Cumulative High School or College GPA of 2.5

    • Letter of Acceptance to School of Choice offering Army ROTC

    • Letter of Acceptance from the PMS of that Army ROTC Battalion

    • Favorable National Agency Check (or have initiated the action)

    • DODMERB Medical Qualification

    • Be eligible to Reenlist

    • Not be a conscientious objector

    • No more than 3 dependents including spouse (waiver able)

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