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Dr. Martha Selby, Chair 120 INNER CAMPUS DR STOP G9300 WCH 4.134 78712-1251 • 512-471-5811

Spring 2006

ANS 383 • Politics in Japan

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
29800 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
WAG 201

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce upper level undergraduates to the domestic politics of postwar Japan. Lectures will focus on such topics as the impact of the Allied Occupation on the development of postwar political institutions, the government-business relationship, the electoral and political party systems, citizen participation in politics, political corruption and the prospects for reform, and the domestic determinants of foreign policy. All topics will be addressed from a comparative perspective.


Gary Allinson, Japans Postwar History Gerald Curtis, The Logic of Japanese Politics Robin M.LeBlanc, Bicycle Citizens


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