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Dr. Martha Selby, Chair 120 INNER CAMPUS DR STOP G9300 WCH 4.134 78712-1251 • 512-471-5811

Spring 2006

ANS 361 • Political Parties and Elections in India-W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
29673 MWF
12:00 PM-1:00 PM
GAR 309

Course Description

Elections are central to the success of India's democracy and political parties are at the core of the electoral process. India's parties have changed character and comparative strength in its post-independence history. They can be analyzed not just in terms of the national party system but also as a set of very different state-level systems.

This course will use the framework of electoral change to examine the grand shift of India's political party system from a national one with state ramifications, to a national one dependent on state systems. Electoral change also rests on a profound transformation of India's society and economy, one that centers on the emergence into arenas of power of the previously marginalized and powerless women and people of the lower castes.

Grading Policy

Non-essay mid-term/Final exam 30% Three 5-page papers 30% Research paper 30% Class attendence/participation 10%


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