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Dr. Martha Selby, Chair 120 INNER CAMPUS DR STOP G9300 WCH 4.134 78712-1251 • 512-471-5811

Spring 2007

ANS 384 • Early Buddhist Monasticism

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
30680 W
5:00 PM-8:00 PM
WAG 112
Freiberger, O.

Course Description

This graduate seminar will examine the Buddhist monastic community, the sangha, and its religious significance for early Buddhists. Some questions raised in class are: Why did the Buddha establish a monastic order? What are its tasks and functions? Is there a connection between the rules and regulations of the monastic law (vinaya) and the Buddhist path to salvation? How do early Buddhists deal with religious claims of other (competing) ascetic communities of their time? Where do they draw the line between the sangha and the laity? Is it essential to be a member of the sangha in order to attain salvation? We will discuss these questions based on selected passages from the Pali canon in English translation.

Grading Policy

1 final research paper


Étienne Lamotte, History of Indian Buddhism Heinz Bechert, Samgha: An Overview, In: The Encyclopedia of Religion Other readings TBA


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