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Spring 2008

ANS 301M • Environment and Society-India

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
31020 -TBA

Eaton, D.

Course Description

This course on Environment and Society-India focuses on the natural and human environment in India. This course will address major environmental topics related to India: water quantity, water quality, air quality, solid wastes, hazardous materials, protection of natural areas and endangered species, land management, human population, wildlife, energy, and natural resources. To enroll in one of the three alternative course numbers during Spring semester of 2008 a student will enroll in USG 119, "International Learning Seminar" which is a cross-cultural course component organized by the study abroad office. The field component of the class will be taught in Dehradun, India from approximately May 18, 2008 to June 13, 2008, a period which includes travel to and from India. This course will include class lectures and fields study in the Dehradun region. Grading will be by an examination, a fieldwork journal and class participation.

Members of the class will meet in USG 119 for eight weeks during Spring Semester 2008 to help students prepare for study abroad. Those 8 meetings will be scheduled following the Office of the Provost's procedure for Maymester courses. The field course in Dehradun will occur from May 18 through June 12, 2008. As the course requires extensive travel, the class will convene in the classroom for five days a week and there will be travel in the field for 6 days a week. A three-hour American-style exam (multiple choice, fill-in, and short essay questions) will occur on Monday, June 10, 2008. The exam will allow students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned about "Environment and Society- India," as well as reflect on their experiences. The class is designed for lower division undergraduate students at the University of Texas students at Austin. A junior and senior undergraduate can enroll for credit in the course with the approval of his or her departmental advisor. A graduate student can enroll in the course for credit with the approval of his or her graduate advisor. Below is a list of the class days and assigned topics. Students can enroll for credit under three different course numbers for Geography, Asian Studies, or Public Affairs.


The course has one required textbook, a series of required readings from the journal Scientific American and required readings related to local issues in India. The textbook can be purchased from the UT Co-Op. Other readings are available on E-res. Penelope ReVelle and Charles ReVelle, The Global Environment: Securing a Sustainable Future, Jones and Bartlett, Boston, 1992.


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