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Dr. Martha Selby, Chair 120 INNER CAMPUS DR STOP G9300 WCH 4.134 78712-1251 • 512-471-5811

Spring 2009

ANS 390 • Asian Studies Academic Writing

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
30640 W
4:00 PM-7:00 AM

Course Description

This course is for you if you are a non-native speaker of English interested in developing and/or refining your academic writing skills. We will work on informal and formal writing - from mechanics to style to development of ideas, and from "pre-draft" stages to finalizing revisions. This course will also introduce and apply what can be called American academic writing, especially in comparison with other stylistic approaches and cultural writing habits. Course emphasis will be given to hands-on exercises in writing, revising, proofreading, and other essential factors connected with writing. Attention will be given to areas particular to Asian Studies, e.g. citation of translations from Asian language texts. You are strongly encouraged to focus on a long-term writing project, such as a seminar paper, thesis, dissertation, or a manuscript in preparation for publication. The course is NOT intended to be an editorial service but instead to help you develop and hone the critical skills needed for successful academic writing in English. Working on Blackboard is required  writing exercises and feedback will be exchanged on Blackboard via Discussion Board between class meeting days. All lectures, discussion, readings, and writing in English.]

Grading Policy

Informal Writing (30%) Formal/Critical Writing (50%) Oral Presentations (20%)


Course packet


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