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Dr. Martha Selby, Chair 120 INNER CAMPUS DR STOP G9300 WCH 4.134 78712-1251 • 512-471-5811

Fall 2009

HIN 384 • Hindi Drama and Film

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
31685 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
MEZ 1.204

Course Description

The theme for this semester is Mythologies of the Modern. We will focus on the classic genre, the "mythological," as well as allegorical uses of mythology and new myths of modernity. We will read a number of contemporary Hindi plays by well-known playwrights such as Lakshmi Narain Lal, Shankar Shesh, and Dharmvir Bharati. Samples of folk and urban popular theatre (Nautanki, Parsi theatre) will also be studied. The dramas will be placed side by side with films and TV serials, to provide a greater context for the variety of forms of drama in Hindi. Classroom discussion will primarily be conducted in Hindi.

Grading Policy

Mid-term 15% Final exam 25% Paper 35% Journal, class partic 25%


Shankar Shesh, Ek Aur Dronacharya Lakshmi Narain Lal, Ek Satya Harishchandra Shankar Shesh, Komal Gandhaar Dharmvir Bharati, Andha Yug Betab, Mahabharat Radheshyam Kathavachak, Vir Abhimanyu Selections from Nautanki plays Films viewed: Eklavya Jay Santoshi Ma Durdarshan Mahabharat Other films as appropriate.


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