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Careers for Asian Studies and Asian Cultures and Languages Majors

Advertising Copywriter

Writes advertising copy for display in all media: newspaper, magazine, billboard, packaging, television, radio.

Airlines Customer Service Representative

Executes reservations, ticketing, telephone and direct ticket sales, passenger ticketing and boarding. Also responds to complaints and requests for information.

Airlines Flight Attendant

Provides in-flight service to passengers and implements emergency procedures as necessary.

Computer Instructional Designer

Writes instructional and tutorial manuals and course materials for internal and customer training. Works for manufacturers of computer hardware and software. May require course work or experience in teaching, as well as some technical background.

Coordinator of Volunteers

Recruits, trains, assigns, and directs volunteers to provide services to an employer's constituency or clientele. Acts as a liaison with professional staff to coordinate volunteer assignments, organizes programs for training and recognition of volunteers, carriers out related administrative duties. Works primarily for service organizations such as hospitals, social service agencies, and cultural institutions.

Copy Editor/Copy Reader

Edits printed copy for grammatical and stylistic errors. Works in a variety of settings: book and magazine publishers, newspapers, advertising agencies, in-house publications of business and agency newsletters and releases.

Corporate Communications Specialist

Writes press releases, speeches, annual reports, and other material to promote a corporation and its image. Works for corporations in all fields.


Writes freelance reports for one or more publications. Usually has special knowledge of the subject or geographic area covered. Works as an independent contractor.

Customer Service Representative

Handles customer relations, usually through direct contact with customers or clients. Researches and responds to complaints and informational inquiries, seeking both to meet the customer's needs and promote the image and reputation of the employer. Works for manufacturers, retailers, service industries, and social service organizations.

Customs Officer

Assists in the regulation of importing and exporting goods to and from the United States and in the prevention of smuggling, fraud, and cargo theft. Inspects baggage and cargo, imposes appropriate duties and taxes, and investigates violations of customs regulations. Special agents concentrate on the prevention of narcotics and weapons smuggling. Works for the Customs Service, a branch of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Editorial Assistant

Evaluates manuscripts; reviews and edits copy; coordinates photography, illustrations, and graphics; secures copyrights and permissions to quote copyrighted material. Works for book publishers.

Film Researcher/Copywriter

Reviews scripts, checks for factual and technical accuracy, requires copy, assists in creating storyboard representations of scenes. Relevant coursework or prior experience preferred. Works for entertainment, documentary, educational, and industrial film producers.

Foreign Language Radio/Television Announcer

Introduces, narrates, and presents a variety of radio and television programs. May conduct interviews with guests, announce news, present music and other entertainment and give prepared commercial announcements.

Foreign Service Officer

Works in foreign service posts to represent and administer United States embassies and various foreign service programs. Requires testing and security clearance.

Freelance Writer

Writes for publications on as assignment basis for a negotiated fee, usually after submittal of a query letter proposing ideas for articles or stories. Typically works as an independent contractor.

Hotel Hospitality Representative

Solicits business and programs on behalf of a hotel or conference center, coordinates the catering and support services necessary to accommodate the particular needs of a client or program.

Immigration Agent

Assists in the regulation of immigration into the United States, including prevention of illegal immigration. May serve as a publicist, a translator, or a border patrol officer. May provide special services to refugees. Employed by the immigration and Naturalization service of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Intelligence Officer

Researches and analyzes a diversity of geopolitical issues on behalf of the government. Employed by intelligence services such as the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and military intelligence agencies. Work requires testing and security clearance.


Translates spoken messages from one language into one or more other languages. Usually the translation is done verbally one the spot. Employers include government and human services agencies, corporations, publishers, educational institutions, and independent translation agencies.

Legislative Aide

Performs research, writing, and liaison functions for a state or U.S. senator or congressional representative or for a municipal officeholder. Positions typically secured through direct contact with office holder.

Lobbying Researcher

Identifies information that can be used to support the positions and efforts of lobbyists. Involves library research, attendance at conferences and committee meetings, and writing of reports. Employers include a diversity of special and public interest groups as well as professional lobbyists.

Political Campaign Worker

Assists in planning, fundraising, research, writing issue statements, canvassing, and assessing voter attitudes. Works for candidates or interest groups during political election campaigns. Frequently leads to permanent positions with political organizations or officeholders.

Public Affairs Coordinator

Creates, implements, and coordinates a service to community. May involve fundraising for a charity, overseeing a scholarship fund, operating a service-oriented program or facility, etc. Employers include non-profit corporations, social service agencies, and the public affairs sections of commercial businesses.

Public Relations/Public Information Specialist

Assesses the public relations needs of an organization, and plans and implements programs to meet them. Distinct from advertising. Makes public appearance, produces special events, and prepares press releases and packets to generate favorable free publicity. Works for professional agencies, for businesses of all kinds, and for nonprofit and social service organizations.

Publications Researcher

Researches story and script ideas: maintains research files on topics and people: checks stories for accuracy. Works for newspaper, magazine or book publishers.

Radio/Television Copywriter

Writes and rewrites scripts for broadcast media. Entry-level posts are available in news departments.

Radio/Television Researcher

Researches story and script ideas for broadcast media. Maintains research files on topics and people: checks stories for accuracy. Works for radio and television producers.

Reporter/Staff Writer

Works and writes for a publication on a regular basis. Usually works under pressure of deadline on general assignments before specializing in a particular area. In addition to newspapers and magazines, employers include corporations and agencies with in-house newsletters.

Secondary School Teacher

Instructs high school and junior high school students in specialized subject areas. Most secondary school teachers teach several courses in a single subject area. Public schools generally require certification; private schools typically do not.

Special Program Teachers

Instructs students enrolled in special education programs. Settings and topics vary widely, for example, you may design courses working with Asian immigrants.

Technical Editorial Assistant

Edits and proofread material prepared by technical writers. Typically requires less technical expertise than technical writing does. Primarily employed by high-tech companies.

Technical Writer

Researches, writes and edits publications that communicate scientific and technical information to readers with no technical background. Employers include corporations, professional associations, and government agencies.


Translates written or printed materials from one language into one or more other languages. Requires solid writing skills. Works for governments and human services agencies, corporations, publishers, educational institutions, and independent translation services.

Travel Agent

Counsels clients regarding travel plans and activities. Makes hotel, airline, train, car and other arrangements for those traveling for business or pleasure. Typically works for an agency. Paid under commission agreements with airlines, hotels, etc.

Travel Consultant

Provides travel advice and information to people planning trips. Helps travelers to resolve questions and problems that come up on a trip. Works for travel clubs, state and local tourist bureaus, resorts, travel associations, credit card companies, and tour groups.

University Professor

Writes articles and books on scholarly interests. Teaches courses related to research. Works for several types of post-secondary institutions, including community colleges and four-year private and public universities. Requires a Ph.D.

User Documentation Writer

Writes instructional manuals for computer users. Works for manufacturers of computer hardware and software. May require limited technical background.

Adapted from materials provided by the Career Exploration Center, A115 Jester, 512-471-1217

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